Huwebes, Hulyo 7, 2011

"My messages to My mother"

..Ma..first ilove you MAMA  for me you are the best mother for me. Ma always trust the lord and do the good that you may duell in the lord and security.
  take delight in the lord, and he will grant you, your heart's requests,
  commit to the lord your way; trust in him Ma  and he will act.
   trust in the lord with all you heart on your own intelligence rely not; In all your way's be mindfull of him and he will make straight yuor path's
               I LOVE YOU MAMA...muwaah!!!!     
      your the best MAMA for ME ...sorry for my mistakes MAMA..


Huwebes, Marso 3, 2011

^^""^^..All About Myself....^^""^^

^^Hi:)... Goodday..! its me EZA BILLONES CASIPIT new blogger. I am 18 years old.I egelloc stneduts of  HERCOR COLLEGE  , taking up bachelor of science computer science. My mother is LORENZA BILLONES CASIPIT and My father is EDWARDO BARANA CASIPIT.have 2 sister and 2 brother..
I love the song "DANCE WITH MY FATHER AGAIN" by:CELINE DELION and "MINE" by:TAYLOR am a simple nice,friendly,cheerful.understanding .I dont like to meet friends that can let me down.!!!I like watching t.v.I am always praying to god that help me ,guide me , what im doing because my one wish is to finish my study and to find a stable job in the future to help my family happy and make proud to me...!! thats all thank you..!!